Short film ‘Clean’ review: This heartfelt tale of two sisters is worth a watch

Written By: Pragati Awasthi WION Web Team
New Delhi, India Published: Dec 31, 2021, 01:22 PM(IST)

Amazon short film 'Clean' poster Photograph:( Twitter )

Story highlights

There are many sweet moments throughout the movie that makes the viewer smile. 

There is a sense of awkwardness and uncertainty from the first frame that keeps us hooked. Zoya Parvin’s short film ‘Clean’ starring Amrita Puri and Aisha Ahmed takes us deep into the lives of two sisters.

Saba played by Amrita Puri and Mehr (Aisha Ahmed), are two sisters who are meeting each other after a long gap, a lot of things have changed between them and so have they. Both of them have worked hard on themselves to turn their life around after a tragedy. But the sisters have several pent up emotions within them which comes out over the course of the film. 

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The two sisters are opposites of each other. Saba, the older one, is perfect and manages everything, while her younger sister Mehr is the total opposite. The film beautifully teaches us about acceptance and to find beauty in everything. 

Pravin's 23-minute drama is concise with great performances, an original concept, stunning visuals and dialogues and manages to put the point across effectively. 

The torment story of two sisters will keep you hooked from the first shot to the last. Both Amrita and Aisha have done an outstanding job as the broken sisters and how both of them clear out their fear, traumas and misconceptions between them make for an engaging watch. 

There are many sweet moments throughout the movie that makes the viewer smile. 

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Dialogues by Anurag Kashyap are relatable and work as a cherry on the cake. The screenplay, movement, actions and dialogue of the characters of the short film is so clean, that every moment and expression goes straight to the heart. 

 In short, Zoya Parvin's emotional movie 'Clean' is worth a watch. 

 'Clean' is streaming on Amazon Mini TV from December 24th.

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