'Avengers 4': Captain America’s friends Falcon, Bucky Barnes to get own Disney shows

WION Web Team
New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Nov 02, 2018, 08:18 PM IST


In an exciting news update, Marvel’s Falcon and Bucky Barnes who are best seen alongside Captain America as his sidekicks will soon get their own Disney shows. Yes, their own limited TV series. 
The only sad news is that they may feature in shows without Steve Rogers aka our Captain America who will by the way, not be seen in any Marvel movie post ‘Avengers 4’. His contract with Marvel ends after ‘Avengers 4’ and Steve has already moved on and got even a farewell. Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. recently shared a heartfelt message for his friend Captain America as he bids goodbye to his character. Is MCU planning to release the trailer of the film by November end?
Coming back to Falcon and Bucky Barnes, they will get their own shows on Disney’s streaming service which will launch next year. Is Katherine Langford of '13 Reasons Why' set to play Iron Man's daughter?
It has been revealed that even Loki and Scarlet Witch will get their own limited series. These will be official spin-offs and are set within the Marvel cinematic universe. 
‘Civil War’ comic book artist Steve McNiven told a UK-based daily: “In the comics, Cap eventually gets killed [and] the Winter Soldier [Bucky] takes up his [role]. Maybe they’ll eventually work that storyline in.I’d love to see Sam [Wilson, Falcon] take up the mantle of Captain America as well. It’s very interesting because the idea of Captain America in the comics is not a particular person, but more of an ideal. In the same way with Thor: If you’re worthy you can pick up the hammer and have his powers."