Vrinda Aggarwal

Senior Researcher

Vrinda is a senior researcher with Zee Media. She has majored in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics.


Why the RBI kept interest rates unchanged despite demonetisation

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Indians confident about country's economy, global investors beg to differ

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OPEC nations to finally cut down oil production

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Indian banks hit by massive cyber security breach, 3.2 million debit cards reportedly compromised

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Kumaon Literary festival: Panelists unable to move beyond personal political biases

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Reserve Bank of India's new management cuts repo rate by 25 basis points

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India appoints three experts for RBI's Monetary Policy Committee

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Merger of Rail Budget with Union Budget and more: What it means for India

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Five quirky start-up ideas from TechCrunch Disrupt, that you should know about

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India?s Unified Payment Interface: All you need to know

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The classic economic conundrum: Slipping as you rise

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