Subuhi Safvi

Subuhi Safvi

Media researcher

Subuhi is a senior researcher at WION and a proud dog mum. When she isn't at work or stuck in traffic she enjoys cooking, reading and gaming.


Death of an Indian and why it should not happen in my name

In a functional democracy like India, there is no place for mob violence, voice the participants in #Notinmyname campaign Read Article

Hindus and Muslims break bread together on iftaar

Inter-faith iftaar helps to bring Hindus and Muslims together ||It breaks stereotypes surrounding Muslims ||It challenges the image of Muslim women as subjugated ones

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Abused and abandoned: The ageing population in India faces a scary future

Bengaluru emerges as the most abusive Indian city when it comes to dealing with the elderly population, says HelpAge India Read Article

International Missing Children Day: Where are Delhi's kids going?

Only 25 per cent returned out of 38,668 children went missing in Delhi in last 5 years, says National Crime Records Bureau. Read Article

How love changes it all: Sick kids and bruised animals

"Our only hope is our children, and animals have a lot to teach them", says Anjali Gopalan who runs a different kind of animal shelter.

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Our love for pets and of pedigree

Indian dogs live longer and are hardy, yet pet owners are obsessed with expensive pure-bred dogs. Read Article