Major General S B Asthana

Major General S B Asthana

Defense expert

Major General S B Asthana had been an Infantry General with 40 years of defence experience at national and international level.

UN ban on Masood Azhar: Pakistan is drawing its strength from China

The proposal to designate Azhar under the 1267 Al Qaida Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council was moved by France, UK and the US

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India must opt for 'out-of-box' options to counter proxy war by Pakistan

India must follow a multipronged approach including - diplomatic, political, economic and military offensive against Pakistan

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What to expect from the Trump-Kim summit II

The fact that President Trump is meeting Kim Jong-un again means that 'nuclear blackmailing' works.

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Decoding report which raises concerns over China attacking Taiwan

The report highlights a contingency about a possible attack on Taiwan.

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What are India’s security challenges in 2019

No nation will be secure unless it has a powerful military which can deter a potential adversary. 

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Opinion: Chabahar faces side effects of US withdrawal from JCPoA

The reality is that US is fully aware that the historic, civilisation and oil centric umbilical cord between Iran and India can never be cut.

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Opinion: China’s ‘debt trap’ dilutes FATF decision to put Pakistan on grey list

If China continues to be determined to bail it out every time, Pakistan’s status will be reduced to a colony of China, with considerable PLA’s presence in context of protecting CPEC and other…

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Opinion: Surgical strikes were conducted in the interest of national security, not for political mileage

 It’s time that all political parties put national interest above their political interest, and leave out security forces, surgical strikes and issues related to national security from their…

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Opinion: Islamic State footprints in Kashmir and the challenges ahead

The IS started showing signs of presence in India initially in the form of some sleeper cells caught in India, who are under investigation. Read Article

Opinion: Trump-Kim Summit was a gamble beyond optics

It remains to be seen as to what the future has for Korean Peninsula, but it was interesting to see the diplomatic negotiations at its best in the… Read Article

Opinion: Pakistan agreeing to ceasefire is a ploy to release international pressure

The peace between India and Pakistan is unfortunately marred with an inseparable historic baggage of animosity, military coups and resultant… Read Article

Opinion: With Kashmir ceasefire, India walks a fine line

The recent initiatives aimed to embrace people of Kashmir are noble, but high-risk ideas with rare chance of success. Read Article

Opinion: Decoding the Kim and Moon summit for a nuclear free Korea

In a scripted ceremony, Kim Jong-un did become the first North Korean leader to walk across the DMZ to South Korea. Read Article

Opinion: Aftermath of US missiles attack on Syria — Is it really 'mission accomplished'?

How did such a magnitude of attack not cause a single casualty to Russians troops or equipment, if the US claims it did not inform Russians in… Read Article

Opinion: On visit to India, French President Macron may not take anti-China position

France has a limited congruence of security interests with QUAD, and may not be taking an anti-Chinese position. Thus India has to deal with a new… Read Article