Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar

PS to Meenakshi Lekhi, MP

Krishna Kumar, an author and a novelist, works with the CSIR in the rank of Under Secretary. His latest conspiracy thriller, "The New Delhi Conspiracy", co-authored with Meenakshi Lekhi, MP, is now on the stands


Anti-CAA protests: Here's why the police force is being targetted and demonised

Instead of dousing the fire by condemning violence by protesters, some politicians and activists are actively inflaming situation by branding police force as 'barbarians'

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Anti-CAA protests: A ticking ignorance bomb and a sheer vandalism with truth

As the voice against the Act gets shriller by each passing day, two questions become important – (a) what the protesters are protesting against? And (b) who are the people spreading misinformation…

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Here's why Supreme Court is not likely to quash Citizenship Amendment Act

The central government has made a sound case for implementation of the Act by introduction of historical elements into the debate.

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Opinion: Why you shouldn't expect the portrait of Jinnah to be taken down from AMU

Jinnah was a free spirit caged within a Muslim body. Read Article

Opinion: Why is the impeachment saga an opportunity in disguise?

The opposition says that the CJI is guilty of misbehavior while the Vice-President says there is no proof prima facie Read Article

Opinion: The Kathua case and Bollywood's pernicious symbolism

Kathua - or for that matter, whole of Jammu, Udhampur, Samba etc - has become an unfortunate battleground of a desperate social and demographic… Read Article

Opinion: Does singing the national anthem mean wearing patriotism on your sleeves?

The question of singing the national anthem is enveloped in the larger debate of freedom of individual versus the intrusive nature of state. Read Article

Opinion: 'Brahman Vs Dalit' narrative sells well in the West

There appears to be a well-orchestrated attempt to spread disharmony and create disaffection in society using few local freelancers of chaos like… Read Article

Opinion: Why objections of AIMPLB on Triple Talaq is not valid

The AIMPLB carry no legal and moral standing to dictate the government on the provisions of the proposed law anymore Read Article

Opinion: What BJP and Congress learned from Gujarat elections

This election was important, as the BJP was not only fighting for retaining its sway in Gujarat by winning its sixth term into office but was also… Read Article

Opinion: Anatomy of the 'Gabbar Singh Tax'

Each time you watched Rahul Gandhi take to the stage during his Gujarat election campaigns and explain before a waiting crowd that the GST is nothing… Read Article