Ashish Naredi

Ashish Naredi

Ashish Naredi


Ashish Naredi is an entrepreneur who is involved in social causes related to education.


Opinion: Is news dead in India?

BARC should give a serious thought to the reclassification of news channels as political entertainment channels for the purpose of its TV ratings. Read Article

Opinion: Why a Hyderabad girl killed herself over school fees

As per a survey done by Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India, people in India are afraid to get married and have children because of the increasing cost of school education. Read Article

Opinion: National Girl Child Day should be celebrated on Navratri

Celebrating the National Girl Child Day on the day of “Kanya Pooja” during Navratri would not only help in reinforcing the great importance of the girl child but would also help in correcting the… Read Article

Opinion: Who pays India's education subsidy?

Since the passage of RTE Act, the government surreptitiously shifted the burden of subsidy, arising from this Act, to the unsuspecting common citizens without any information or notice to them. Read Article

Opinion: Do you really love your mother tongue?

English is not a native language of India and, hence, teaching and learning English is not and will not ever be easy for a huge majority of the population Read Article

School management is making huge profit, making tuition fees unaffordable for Indian children

As investment from dubious foreign sources pour into Indian schools, the tuition fee spikes up to 500%. Read Article