Morning news brief: ‘Will always stand with Taiwan,’ says Pelosi, voting for UK's next PM postponed, and more

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Aug 03, 2022, 09:40 AM IST
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Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker, arrived in Taiwan amid an escalating crisis between the US and China. The Communist nation started conducting military drills close to the island nation. As tensions in the area rose before Pelosi’s visit, Chinese jets invaded Taiwan’s air defence zones. In other news, the race to become the UK’s next Prime Minister had to be postponed, which put a snag in the campaign. The decision was made as a result of information from the GCHQ space agency that cyber hackers were attempting to influence the results of the vote, as per a report by the Telegraph. Finally, the alleged lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the billionaire who owns the second-largest estate in London were blacklisted by the US as a part of the recent sanctions related to the Ukraine invasion.

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China considers Taiwan as a breakaway province which it says it will unify by force if necessary. China's view on Taiwan was reflected as vice premier Xie declared: "Taiwan is China's Taiwan, and Taiwan will eventually return to the embrace of the motherland".

While the agency did not specify the source of the threat, they said that the process was vulnerable to cyber-attacks and advised against going forward with the process. That resulted in the Conservative Party making it clear that new members will no longer be able to change their votes later in the Prime Minister race, the report further stated.

Alina Kabaeva, a former Olympic gymnast who is frequently referred to as Putin's girlfriend, and Natalya Popova, the wife of Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the sizable sovereign wealth fund run by the Russian government, were both sanctioned by the Treasury. According to the Treasury, Popova works for Innopraktika, a technological company that is owned by one of Putin's daughters.

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