A man in Austria was arrested by the police after he mummified his dead mother in order to keep receiving her benefit money. Police have recovered the body of his 89-year-old mother. The 66-year-old man has been charged with fraud and for hiding a corpse. He kept the body hidden in the cellar of the house for more than a year.

The man lived with his mother near Innsbruck in Tyrol region. After his mother passed away in June last year he froze her body using icepacks. He wrapped her body in bandages to absorb fluids and covered her body in cat litter. Finally, the corpse was mummified. He then hid the body inside his house.

When his brother came around asking for his mother he told him that she was in hospital. The man pocketed his mother's benefit money that came by post each month.

He has pocketed nearly 60,000 dollars till now.

The game was up when a new postman came to deliver the money. The postman demanded to see the beneficiary to ensure that money was handed to the right person. The man refused. The postman then informed the authorities who later recovered the dead body.