Lost cat found more than 1,500 miles away after 7 years

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New Delhi Updated: Feb 11, 2022, 08:53 AM(IST)

60 per cent of cats aged six and older and 90 per cent of cats older than 12 years are thought to suffer from Osteoarthritis. Photograph:( Others )

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It is still a mystery how the cat made the journey

Denise Cilley, a resident of Chesterville in Maine (USA) was celebrating her daughter's 10th birthday. The year was 2015. The celebrations went well but in the middle of it all, someone noticed their family pet cat to be missing. They searched for the cat inside the house but no luck. A search was then launched in the area to locate the missing cat but it did not yield anyrthing. It was concluded that a predator had killed the cat.

Fast forward to year 2022, Denise got a voicemail that said the cat, named Ashes had been located in Florida. There is a distance of more than 1500 miles between Maine and Florida! It is still a mystery how the cat made the journey.

A veterinarian's office was able to determine the identity of the cat. The identity was determined with the help of a microchip which was implanted in the cat. Janet Williams a family friend of Denise Cilley in Florida is going to take temporary custody of the cat, as per the news given by WABI TV.

On Wednesday (February 9), Ashes was being taken to her original home. One of Janet Williams' friends was accompanying the cat during its journey home.

Denise Cilley was reportedly preparing to collect her pet cat at Portland international jetport.

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