This iPhone trick lets people snoop on others' private conversations

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Mar 02, 2021, 04:41 PM IST
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A new hack on your iPhone can turn it into a foolproof snooping device

A new hack on your iPhone can turn it into a foolproof snooping device. But there's a catch - you require a pair of wireless AirPods. First shared by a user on TikTok and then beamed across all social media platforms, the trick lets users turn their iPhones into spying devices by toying with settings already in place.

The trick requires users to access their iPhones' accessibility settings. To do this, one needs to go to control centre settings, then click on the "+" feature. After this, you will be able to see a list of features that are enabled on your phone's control centre.

Then you must connect your wireless AirPods to the iPhone, following which the "Live Listen" option needs to be activated. Once it's enabled, the users will be able to listen in on available broadcasts that are picked up by the phone's microphone and will be beamed directly to AirPods. The person needs to keep their phone close to what they're trying to hear, which can then be easily heard on their AirPods.

What was the feature designed for?
As opposed to popular belief, the feature is not in place to simply facilitate snooping but allows users with hearing impairments to hear clearly, especially if they don't possess hearing aids of their own. Essentially, the feature enhances audio for people with hearing issues.

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For example, if someone with hearing issues wants to focus on what just one person is saying in a crowded setting, they would simply use this feature. 
Even though the feature was created keeping in mind people that require hearing assistance, it can be easily used to spy on people and to listen in on conversations.

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The trick was first shared by a TikTok user @Brycenor, who was asked a question on the platform - "what's a piece of information that feels like it's illegal to know?". To which he responded by sharing information about the "Live Listen" feature while saying "I don't feel like it should be illegal, but it's shady".