Coronavirus outbreak exposes leadership crisis in Pakistan

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Mar 31, 2020, 09:14 PM(IST)

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (File photo) Photograph:( ANI )

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Use faith to fight the virus. That's what the Pakistani PM is telling his people.

The Wuhan coronavirus has exposed a leadership crisis in many parts of the world. Nowhere is this crisis more apparent than Pakistan. 

The country has 1900 active cases and has recorded 25 deaths — it is among the worst-affected nations in South Asia. But Pakistan is not under a lockdown.
Because their prime minister still hasn't figured out the meaning of one. First, he kept arguing on the difference between a lockdown and a curfew.
Now Imran Khan is indulging in petty politics. The Pakistani prime minister is citing India's example to say why a lockdown won't work.

The Prime Minister’s Office also put this out on Twitter. 

“We can see the consequences of India's hasty decision of imposing a complete lockdown. Their government had to apologise for their unplanned decision. We must learn and fight this pandemic with wisdom and not in haste,” Pakistan PMO wrote the micro-blogging site.
In India, there's no debate on whether or not we needed a lockdown. The questions are over implementation. And in some cases, they're fair questions.
Having said that, imperfect implementation is any day better than being told. Use faith to fight the virus. That's what the Pakistani PM is telling his people.
That's his strategy fight with your faith but it's hard to have faith when the govt deputes a scam-accused minister to lead the fight. One who was accused of smuggling 20 million masks. Given the record, faith may be too much to ask for. 
As for India, the prime minister did apologise — not for the lockdown, but the inconvenience, it may have caused to the citizens of India.
Imran Khan got WION banned in Pakistan. But he may want to watch local channels once in a while to understand what is going on.
Geo-news — Pakistan's biggest tv network called out Imran khan's false claims about PM Modi's apology. 

And since we're discussing apologies. The Pakistani prime minister owes one to the minority communities in his country. The Hindus and Christians.
There are hundreds of Hindu & Christian families who are being refused medical aid amid the coronavirus crisis.
Due to travel restrictions — many minority-workers have lost their only source of livelihood. Multiple reports of Pakistani NGOs denying food to these workers have emerged. Welfare organisations are giving ration-cards reportedly only to Muslim citizens.

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