Kamal Haasan’s recently launched fashion line ‘KH House of Khaddar’ has been in the news ever since its launch. Apart from its aim to uplift the lives of handloom weavers in India, the brand prides itself in modernising Khadi to suit the youth’s sensibilities by presenting it in a chic new avatar. 


Capitalising on the favourable response from costumers and critics, KH House of Khaddar was showcased at the Paris Fashion Week.The move aims at putting a made in India brand on the global fashion map.

To create a brand that appealed to the youth using Khadi needed designs and colour palettes keeping today’s fashion and styles in mind and it wouldn’t have been possible without the brands co-founder, designer and stylist Amritha Ram. The designer’s vision to give khadi a complete makeover that resonates with today’s fashion forward men and women has contributed immensely to the brand’s popularity. 

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Commenting on the collection which was showcased in Paris Fashion Week, designer and creative head of the brand Amritha Ram says, "With Paris Fashion Week (PFW), KH House of Khaddar is proudly presenting khadi denim. It is out of the box, but with a mentor and teacher like Kamal Haasan sir spearheading it, nothing is impossible. He comes up with these ideas, and I put my knowledge and technicality into them. It then expands from an idea to a strong base that we construct on. For PFW, we dyed the khadi in pop colours. Who would have imagined that?"

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