Dramatic trial: Amber Heard's friend thrown out of court, Johnny Depp's friend's statement struck from record

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New Delhi Updated: Apr 18, 2022, 10:21 AM(IST)

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The former couple is facing each other in court in the US and the ongoing trial has taken quite a dramatic turn. 

Things are getting dirty in the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial. The former couple is facing each other in court in the US and the ongoing trial has taken quite a dramatic turn. 

According to a report in Page Six, Amber's friend, British music journalist Eve Barlow was recently kicked out of the court. 

Eve reportedly ran into trouble with the judge after she was found texting and live-tweeting the court proceedings from the front row of the courtroom- which is normally reserved for legal counsel. 

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Eve allegedly pretended to be a part of Amber's legal team and even tried to intervene in Johnny's witness Gina Deuters testimony. Gina is the wife of Johnny’s longtime collaborator Stephen Deuters. Eve even tried to influence Amber's legal team to show the Judge that Gina was a 'compromised' withness by pointing out a social media post that the journalist claimed was recent. In reality, Gina had shared the post 2021, much before the couple's London trial against a British tabloid. 

When the court questioned Gina, she admitted to having seen videos of the trial prior to her testimony, which led to her dismissal from the court and her statement was struck from the record.

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Meanwhile, Johnny's legal team pushed for a motion to permanently bar Eve from the courtroom. According to court transcripts, Judge Azcarate said, “She was tweeting live from my courtroom … and I know the deputies took her out because she was texting. That’s against the court order. Ms Barlow is not coming back into the courtroom during this trial.”

Johnny Depp filed a defamation case against former wife Amber Heard over an op-ed she wrote claiming she was a victim of domestic violence. The actress had not named Johnny in the op-ed anywhere. The actor has subsequently claimed that Amber had falsely accused him in an attempt to get a big settlement from their divorce. 

The case has already affected Johnny's career as he lost out on two plump roles from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean franchise' and the 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore'. 

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