Do you need help? Adele hailed for pausing Hyde Park concert several times to check on fans

New Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Pragati AwasthiUpdated: Jul 03, 2022, 07:40 PM IST
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This is not the first time when Adele has stopped her show for the fans who are in need of medical help.

For Adele, her fans are everything. In the past, the British singer has stopped her live performance just to know if all her fans are doing okay in the crowd. Recently, the 'Hello' singer again won hearts as she stopped singing at London`s BTS Hyde Park Festival for the fans who needed help. 

The performance marked the singer's return to her first public concert after a five-year-long sabbatical. Keeping Travis Scott's Astroworld crowd surge tragedy last year in mind, the Grammy-winning singer stopped the band for four times, as per Page Six, just to make sure everyone in the crowd was feeling okay. 


A Twitter user shared a video from the concert showing Adele singing and abruptly stopping, pointing to security that someone is waving from the crowd and asking the public to 'move out of the way.'  The crowd shouted and hailed the singer for her kind gesture. 

In the video, she's singing and in no time she surprisingly takes the mike out of the stand and moves toward the front stage as she showed the direction to the security from the stage and asked fans to make way for them. 


''Just wanna say mad respect to Adele for stopping the show and making a scene when she thought someone was in trouble and needed help from security. That was a crowd of 65,000+ and she still did it. it really is that easy. #AdeleBST,'' the user wrote. 

Adele also sang some of her hits, including 'Easy On Me,' and' I Drink Wine'.

This is not the first time when the singer has stopped her show for the fans who are in need of medical help. Before this, during a 2011 performance at London's Hammersmith Apollo, the Grammy winner stopped the show after she noticed a fan had passed out. 

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" she told her band. "Someone fainted again, right in the middle. This happened last night, as well. Is anyone coming to you? Has it been sorted?".