Cody Simpson opens up about his not so sudden romance with Miley Cyrus

Washington DC ,USA Updated: Oct 13, 2019, 01:19 PM(IST)

File image of Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Photograph:( Twitter )

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Miley Cyrus briefly dated Kaitlynn Carter for a month after ending things with husband Liam Hemsworth. 

Singer Cody Simpson is not one to shy away from talking about his relationship with singer Miley Cyrus. "We just have a ball and that's the most important part of a relationship," the 22-year-old singer told a magazine and other reporters at the Tiffany and Co.

Men's Collections Launch recently. Simpson said the romance was not 'a crazy sudden thing' as the two had been friends for a very long time.

"The reason why it's not like ... it hasn't been a really crazy sudden thing is we've been friends for so long that when we sort of found each other again in a space where ... We both met back in the day when we were partying a lot. We had a lot of fun then ... but now we've found each other in a space where we're not partying, working really hard and just like to keep things healthy," he added.

The singer noted that he is 'not single' and is 'very, very happy' admitting that he 'can't really explain' how their friendship went to the next level.

"It breaks the ice. That had never happened to me before. Any girlfriend that I've had in the past has always been immediate romance, and so it's kind of like a different experience having been friends with somebody before and developing that into something more. It's just like a very natural, healthy feeling," he said.

Simpson, who didn't refrain from speaking about his relationship, revealed why he admires Cyrus."She's creative, she's very passionate about what she does, and I'm very similar in that sense. That's why we get along so well," he raved.

The two, who are both singers, also bond over their love of music."It's just that I just have someone to come back to and someone who supports you," he revealed.

"I'm very busy now working on my album and that's kind of been ... I'm out most of the day doing that, and so it's nice to be able to come home to somebody who gets it and understands you. I try to do the same for her and give her stuff. We always have as friends and now it's just a little different," he added.

Simpson also revealed that he wrote a song for Cyrus during her hospitalization for tonsillitis earlier this week, and she pushed him to release. "She's like, 'If you don't put this s-t out, I'm putting it out on your behalf for you. I'm getting your Spotify login and doing this s-t myself,' and I was just like, 'All right, all right, I'll do it," he told reporters.

"So I recorded it this week. I'm gonna put it up next week. It's something I wrote for her while she was sick this week," he added. As for the 'Hannah Montana' star's current health status, the singer assured she is 'all right' and resting in bed.

"Despite the ongoing romance, Simpson also confessed that it is too early to say whether Cyrus is the one. Cyrus was first spotted kissing Simpson on October 3, and the pair has not been shy about their romance since then.

She confirmed the relationship rumours on October 5 via social media. Cyrus announced her separation from actor and husband Liam Hemsworth in August after less than eight months of marriage.

Hemsworth filed for divorce 11 days later. Cyrus briefly dated Kaitlynn Carter for a month after ending things with Hemsworth. However, the two parted ways in September.

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