Vanshika Garg

Vanshika Garg


Vanshika Garg is an intern journalist WION. She takes deep interest in gender issues


Opinion: Heartening to see BJP women politicians uniting for Jaya Bachchan

Although political parties are always ready to demean other party's leaders, this time the dirty politics was beaten up by a strong condemnation from women in Jaya Bachchan-Naresh Agrawal… Read Article

Opinion: International Women's day is for transgender-women too

On International Women's day, it brings immense pride to celebrate the achievements of women as well as call for an action for the improvement of the conditions of women. But its high time that… Read Article

Opinion: Relearn to be colourful this Holi!

Use of synthetic colours leave behind green and pink stains, and don’t even make Holi look colourful. We should relearn to use sources of natural colour. Read Article

Opinion: Sridevi's comeback with 'English Vinglish' was rare among Bollywood celebs

Sridevi was among few divas to make a successful return to film industry after a 15 year long break. Read Article

Opinion: How Taj Mahal is doing under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

The beauty of Taj has deteriorated despite the efforts of keeping rubbish away, bringing disgrace and dishonour to our heritage eventually. Read Article

Opinion: Like Padman, are other men sharing the pain of menstruation?

Although it is the women who bleed, the course of menstruation is to be dealt by the entire society. Akshay Kumar and Muru are amongst few to… Read Article