Srimoyee Pandit

Srimoyee Pandit

Srimoyee Pandit

Senior Producer

Srimoyee Pandit is senior producer at WION. She devours delicacies and books alike. And she absolutely loves life's little surprises.


I fought for women of Pakistan: Knife-attack victim Khadija Siddiqui to WION

This is a story of a 24-year-old Pakistani woman who was stabbed 23 times and how she fought to nail the guilty. 

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'Honoured and humbled': Indian woman triathlete Vasu Primlani on featuring on US magazine

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Opinion: Long live India's folk-song love affair

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Opinion: Akiane Kramarik, the woman artist whom God taught to paint

Akiane Kramarik, now 23, was a child prodigy who had finished painting Jesus when she was all of 8 without formal training. All she had was her visions. Read Article

Opinion: Women still not empowered to stop forced pregnancies

Unwanted pregnancies continue to spell doom for women in India. Use of protection is still not widespread and sometimes use of protection is just not a choice that the woman can make. Read Article

Opinion: Why women comedians have to fight harder for spotlight in India's comedy space

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Opinion: Why the woman in you should be offended by Padmaavat

As a viewer, maybe, I will forgive you, Mr Bhansali. But as a woman, I find that a little difficult to do. Read Article