Rahad Abir

Rahad Abir


Rahad Abir is a fiction writer from Bangladesh. He is the recipient of the Charles Pick Fellowship 2017-18.


My love for Bangladesh makes me a Bengali, not necessarily a Muslim

These days, in the eyes of western citizens, Bangladesh has earned the fame as about-to-be an Islamic fundamentalist nation

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Rise of Islamism leaves its footprints on the secular culture of Bangladesh

Texts by non-Muslim writers, such as the classical poet Gyandas or the contemporary novelist Sunil Gangopadhyay have been removed from textbooks in Bangladesh Read Article

The rise of Islamism in Bangladesh threatens to destroy the country's Bengali way of life

Education, has become a mushrooming business in Bangladesh. ||Inclusion of religion in the curriculum, no matter how young the children are, can make all the difference. ||School textbooks in…

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Neighbours, but not loved

Bangladesi Hindus are considered traitors ||Accused of sending wealth to India ||

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It is stupid to be a writer in Bangladesh

The common belief in Bangladesh is that extensive reading makes individuals atheist Read Article