Opinion: Chatbots & AI to revolutionise talent management

New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Dec 08, 2017, 09.52 AM(IST)

Chatbots can interview the candidates and undertake their assessment on various parameters. Photograph:( Others )

Organisations across the world concur the need to have processes that are technology enabled. While advancements in various functions are planned, Human Resources are not excluded. In fact, it’s one of the functions that has got transformed the most, also more recently with the assistance of Chatbots.

The world is not new to Chatbots but have been prevalent for over a decade now. With an expansion on its applications, chatbots currently are designed to execute daunting tasks easily. From screening job applications to hiring, Chatbots are facilitating Human Resources Management. The artificial intelligence-powered with Chatbots are revolutionising work performance in new and smarter ways. Known for automating processes, Chatbots are undoubtedly transforming talent management rapidly.

The Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence together have been providing, a simple yet intuitive approach for interacting with people. Being an aid in assisting employees’ queries, requests, and other communications, Chatbots are embracing HR innovation for organisations to contend in a candidate-driven market.

The Revolution of bots in HR Sphere

Bots were first introduced to the world some 15 years back as Internet Bots by today’s IT giant - Google. Quite popular with the epigraph ‘spider’, they were used by Google to crawl the websites.

This was the beginning of the global dominance of the web giant. Popular as chatbots, they are now utilised by a multitude of organisations for varied purposes. However, it is the use of chatbots in the Talent Management space which is thriving at a brisk pace. Once integrated into the HR division, both artificial intelligence and Chatbots speed up all its essential processes, thereby, empowering the organisation in edging out the competitors on the talent management front. With the help of technology in this department, acquiring new talent is a breeze.

Chatbots can interview the candidates and undertake their assessment on various parameters. The insights that the Chatbots yield can be leveraged completely to reduce the attrition rate, as well as, the disconnection between the management and employees. These insights can be further utilised to monitor the well-being of the organisation’s people and develop a robust feedback system.

Apart from lending a hand to the organisation, Chatbots make the life easier for employees too. From furnishing them with the answers to their HR queries to bestowing them with a personalised learning and development experience, Chatbots can provide an unmatched experience to the employees.

The advent of AI-powered Chatbots in the HR function has helped it make vital decisions based on insights. Right from the acquisition of a new talent to the reduction of the biases (if any), Chatbots aid in every facet of HR. Also, it’s done more logically and transparently in one go, as against real resources.

Thus, branding Chatbots as the invaluable source of data won’t be untrue. In fact, with the concrete insights and analytics, HR personnel can address the interests and concerns of the employees and can be used in designing appropriate policies, as well as, developing orientation & training programs.

Chatbots: The Future of HR

With a plethora of Millennial dominating the workplace, it is likely that AI’s impact on the HR will exponentially increase in near future. As the competition to acquire cream talent grows, organisations will leverage, AI-powered Chatbots to their full potential, towards talent management becoming seamless and more efficient.

(Disclaimer: The author writes here in a personal capacity).

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