Much needed break or threat to life? Significance of following social distancing norms

Shanghai, ChinaEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: May 26, 2020, 07:20 AM IST


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Compromising on social distancing measures, could become turn out be very expensive. 

Hundreds are dancing away the lockdown blues in Shanghai after the city's nighclubs were allowed to re-open in mid-March. 
The parties have finally regained their groove, after two months.
People flocking to the clubs are being greeting by new party rules including disposable cups, disinfectants and masks.

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Clubs across Shanghai are not willing to compromise on safety and have taken elaborate measures to avoid infection.

Photo booths or props counters have been replaced by sanitizer dispensers and temperature checks are mandatory for all guests. 
They also require to fill a lengthy form mentioning all personal details.
The staff is has also been issued guidelines to be followed. Bouncers, bartenders and waiters need to wear masks and gloves all the time. While, door handles and washrooms need to be disinfected every hour. 
Nightclubs have been a part of the recent headlines because of being breeding grounds for the deadly virus.
In South Korea's capital Seoul, several clubs were linked to a cluster outbeak earlier in May. 
But approximately 900 kilometers away, party-goers in Shanghai are confident that partying is not unsafe.
Compromising on social distancing measures, could become turn out be very expensive. 
Half-way across the world, hundreds of the ozarks courted trouble in Missouri, US as they jumped into a summer pool party as they social distancing out of the pool.
The Memorial day weekend was celebrated by breaching all safety protocols.

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However, the good news, is that rules aren't being broken everywhere.
A new form of beach life has emerged in Larnaca, Cyprus in which there are sunbeds, parasols and water-sports but no compromise on social distancing.
Sunbathers displayed how safety and party can very well go hand-in-hand as they returned to the beach this weekend.