Debris of Egypt Air plane that went missing last month found in the Mediterranean

An advert promoting Egypt Air is seen on the outside of a travel agency Photograph:( Getty )

Reuters Cairo Jun 16, 2016, 05.22 AM (IST)
The main locations of wreckage from the Egypt Air plane that crashed in the eastern Mediterranean sea last month have been identified, the Egyptian-led investigation committee said Wednesday. All 66 passengers and crew died in the accident.

The John Lethbridge, a search boat contracted by the Egyptian government, is working on the spot and has provided the first images of the debris to investigators. It is still not clear which parts of the plane have been found. 

Previously collected debris will also be handed over to the investigation committee. This will allow a team to draw a map and narrow the research to locate the black boxes, fundamental instruments to understand the reason for a plane crash.

To recover the black boxes some 3,000 metres below the sea surface, investigators will need to pinpoint the signals to within a few metres.

It is a race against time though, signals emitted by the flight data recorders are expected to expire on June 24.