China detects fast radio burst 3 billion light years away: Is it an alien message?

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Beijing Updated: Jun 09, 2022, 04:18 PM(IST)

An image of an odd radio circle. Photograph:( Twitter )

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Reports say the new FRB has the 'highest ambient electron density' and showed 'reliable bursting behaviours'. 

According to reports, Chinese scientists have detected radio waves from a galaxy 3 billion light years away.

The active fast radio burst (FRB) was reportedly detected by China's Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST). China's state-run Global Times reported the new FRB, named FRB190520B was detected in a dwarf galaxy.

What are fast radio bursts(FRBs)?

Fast radio bursts are brief flashes of radio frequency lasting for a few milliseconds. The mysterious frequency was earlier detected in Guizhou, China in 2019.

Another FRB known as  FRB121102A was detected by the US Arecibo Radio Telescope in 2016.

The origin of the FRBs is still unclear with reports suggesting that it may be a sign of alien life. The Global Times report said only 5 per cent of the hundreds of FRBs are believed to be active.

China's newspaper report said the newly discovered FRB190520B has been persistently active.

What is the new FRB: FRB190520B?

Global Times said the new FRB has the "highest ambient electron density" and showed "reliable bursting behaviours". The reports said "four bursts" were recorded in the first 24 seconds.

Chinese experts said the FRB was a "newborn" while indicating the "evolutionary" pattern of FRBs. It is the first FRB detected by China's Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST).

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