WATCH - Mum, I'm back ! Baby leopards reunited with mother in Maharashtra's Nashik

Nashik, Maharashtra Edited By: Heena SharmaUpdated: Dec 06, 2022, 07:04 PM IST
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Baby leopards reunited with mother in Maharashtra's Nashik. WATCH video 

It's always a delight to see happy reunions, especially when there are cuddly baby leopards involved. They may have fallen to prey, but, fortunately, they found their guardian angel in the form of a forest official who not only saved them but reunited them with their mother. What follows is a happy ending.

In the western Indian state of Maharashtra's Pathardi village's Nashik district, locals discovered three leopard pups in a field. According to multiple reports, a local named Kailas saw three cubs in the field, all between 10 and 12 days old. He found the cubs while working on Trimbak Dhemse's farm in the Ram neighbourhood of Wadi village. The locals then quickly alerted the forest department, which immediately surrounded the location and saved the cubs.

Pankaj Garg, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Nashik (West) said the area was cordoned off and the cubs were kept safe there. Later, the mother leopard took the cubs away and the family was safely reunited. The cubs were small and could have fallen into the hands of prey, said an official.


In India, there are more than 12,500 leopards. They regularly stray into surrounding settlements which can occasionally lead to animal-human conflict.