Russia will soon begin the training of Indian military specialists for the S400 air defence systems. The first batch of the air defence system will reach India by end of 2021. 

Ahead of the departure, Russian envoy to India Nikolay Kudahsev hosted the Indian group and termed the agreement on S400 supplies as one of the "flagship initiatives" of bilateral and military technical cooperation.

Lauding the India Russia ties he said,"coming out of bipolar world and successfully proceeding through the current establishment of the polycentric order, our partnership is becoming even stronger experiencing new areas and forms of mutually beneficial and forward- looking cooperation."

Both countries are jointly working on number of projects on production of military equipment, components and spare parts.

The Russian envoy said, "Along with S-400 systems project, we are successfully moving towards implementation of AK-203 Kalashnikovs contract , 200 Ka-226 helicopters supplies and production in India as well as an advanced cooperation in the areas of combat aviation (including Su-30MKI programme), main battle tanks (T-90), frigates, submarines and missiles, including joint production of unique Brahmos."

Under the AK203 Kalashnikovs contract, more than 700 thousand items are expected to be produced at the Indo-Russian Rifles joint venture in India's Amethi. 

While India Russia defence ties have been much celebrated one and S400 a much talked about topic, the American aren't very happy. The delivery of S400 can trigger Washington's CAATSA or Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions something which even NATO countries like Turkey could not get immunity from. Turkey had gone ahead to get same S400 system from Russia.