How India's military might stacks up against Pakistan's: A comparative study

WION Web Team New Delhi Aug 14, 2019, 01.36 PM(IST) Edited By: Nikhil Pandey

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Kashmir has long been a flash point between India and Pakistan, with each nuclear-armed country holding the threat of retaliation over the other. 

Pakistan has been whipping up hysteria over Kashmir ever since the Indian government revoked the special status of the state.

There are reports of Pakistan moving more aircraft and troops to its forward bases close to Ladakh near the LoC.

The two armies have clashed four times in the past seventy years. 

At the present situation, there is a red line somewhere, notional of course, which, if crossed, could lead to the war. 

Here is how their militaries stack up.

In the latest report released by Global Firepower ranking, there is absolutely no match between the military might of India and Pakistan.

While India is only behind the US, Russia and China in terms of the overall power index Pakistan is far behind on the 17th position.

India-Pakistan war

On every parameter, be it land, air or sea, Pakistan languishes far behind India's military power.

Pakistan barely has half the manpower as compared to the Indian military.

Be it combat tanks or other ammunition Pakistan does not match up to India.

Even when both nations are compared based on airpower India has at least 700 more aircraft than its neighbour.

In terms of naval strength, while India already has an aircraft career on the high seas and a second one likely to be inducted in the next few years, Pakistan is yet to get its first.

In terms of submarines and naval destroyers, the matchup couldn't be more mismatched.

Maybe it is about time Pakistan focuses more on its fragile economy and not on aggressive rhetoric. Because 'Naya Pakistan' would not even be close to new India in any way.