We want Adira to have a normal upbringing, don't want her to have extra privileges: Rani Mukerji

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Published: Dec 20, 2017, 03:33 AM(IST)

Rani Mukerji in a still from the film Photograph:( Others )

From AbRam to Taimur, fans and shutterbugs continue being obsessed with star kids, but actor Rani Mukerji says she and her filmmaker husband Aditya Chopra prefer keeping the life of their daughter, Adira, private.
The 39-year-old actor, who welcomed her first child on December 9, 2015, said they want their little one to have a normal childhood and not live life full of "privileges".

"It's our decision. My husband being a private person wants Adira to have a normal upbringing. Seeing the circumstances around her, where the parents are slightly known, there will always be an intrigue as to 'how our child is?'. There will be a kind of extra attention which probably they don't deserve.

"If they are going to the school, you are hoping your child is going to be tested equally like others. You don't want them to have extra privileges or importance. You want them to grow up as normal people," Rani said.
The actor said she does not want her daughter to get the celebrity-like attention or treatment.

"When you have that kind of attention, we try that if she is on a beach with her friends, or she is going to a park, she should go unnoticed, without anyone around her saying, 'Oh! she is the daughter of so and so.'

"We are trying our level best to achieve that. Of course, it is difficult because we have a culture where our fans and well-wishers want to know how the child looks... But we will do what we think is best for our child and this is what we think is best for Adira," she added.

Rani was speaking at the trailer launch of her upcoming film Hichki, which marks her first, after the birth of her daughter.

The Yash Raj Films project is directed by Siddharth P Malhotra.

The actor praised her husband Aditya for cooperating and taking care of Adira while she was off shooting.

"I always tell Adi to sit at home when I am out at work and babysit the child. He helps a lot," she said. 


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