Meghan Markle accused of copying magazine cover from book, authors call it 'disappointing'

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New Delhi Updated: Aug 01, 2019, 04:31 PM IST
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Meghan Markle`s guest-editing position for the September issue of the iconic fashion magazine British Vogue is already in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Meghan Markle`s guest-editing position for the September issue of the iconic fashion magazine British Vogue is already in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The news of Meghan turning editor and changing the magazine`s usual fashion-forward focus to something deeper was met with delight by most people but now the former `Suits` actor is being accused of copying the cover from a 2016 book. 

Shortly after the September issue was released, fans pointed out a number of similarities the magazine`s cover seemed to have with Australian authors Samantha Brett and Steph Adams` bestselling book titled `The Game Changers`, which Meghan also contributed to in 2016. Brett and Adams told the outlet that the similarities between their book and magazine are "flattering" but "disappointing."
"It`s obviously very flattering, she must like our concept! I love Meghan and am a huge fan, but it is a little bit disappointing," Brett said of the cover which shows the faces of various women considered `Forces for Change` and placed in separate boxes.

"But any project that aims to support the empowerment of women, I am a great supporter of. Our book was for charity -- so hopefully they too are giving the proceeds to a worthy cause," she added.While it`s not clear if the cover choice was the Duchess` idea, the 16th still, a mirror, was suggested by her to inspire readers to be their own `forces for change`, according to the Daily Mail.

Brett told Fox News that `The Game Changers` was first released with a black and white cover in November 2016, of which Meghan was one of the contributors along with 40 other celebrities and change-makers.The book sold out in a few weeks as word travelled and it was well-received by the readers. 

Markle also faced criticism for not making the issue an inclusive one as many pointed out that the magazine celebrated only those women who Meghan felt were inspiring and did not represent too many people from Britain including Queen Elizabeth II. 

Brett noted that the book was then re-released with more women in 2017 featuring a pink cover and has since become a bestseller.
Adams echoed similar sentiments about the September issue cover, being put towards a good cause, but said she could see Meghan achieving the same impact as `The Game Changers` if she had written a book of her own, complete with powerful interviews and testimonies she gathered on her own and given the money to a charity.

"The Duchess of Sussex is someone we all want to look up to, admire and respect," said Adams, a four-time author who published her first book three years ago.

"We love that she has ideas for change that are positive and that she is addressing issues such as diversity and kindness. But wouldn`t it have been more powerful if she just created a book and interviewed women and gave the money to charity," she added.

Brett and Adams, a co-authoring duo, have since released `The Juggle`, which debuted in April 2019 and features high-profile mothers juggling their careers and families. It`s unclear whether Brett or Adams are planning any further action at this time, or whether this will die down on its own.