'Friends' reunion: Cast reveals their will be no public reunion again

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 27, 2021, 05:07 PM IST


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'Friends: Reunion' is streaming now on HBO Max and on Zee5 in India

The most anticipated Friends reunion finally aired and it comes out that it is the last time when all the famous stars are getting together for the final and the last time. 

The reunion shows all the six cast members including -- Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc -- getting back together 17 years later the show ended. 

"Honestly, this will really make me cry, but this will be the last time that we’re ever asked about the show as a group that we will do this," Courtney said. "Like, we’re not going to do this [again] in 15 more years."

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Later Cox added how they are looking forward to spending more time together but it will be offscreen. "I’ll tell you one thing: we are not waiting so long to have dinner," Cox added. "No we will not," Aniston said. "We will not wait that long to get together."

During the show, Lisa who played Phoebe Buffay confessed to James Corden that the show ended "very nicely" and doesn't want any new series or a movie.

"That’s all up to Marta and David and I once heard them say, and I completely agree, that they ended the show very nicely, everyone’s lives are very nice. They would have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories. I don’t want anyone’s happy ending unraveled."

'Friends: The Reunion' is streaming now on HBO Max and on Zee5 in India