Has Ferrari blacklisted Justin Bieber from buying its cars?

New DelhiUpdated: May 25, 2022, 04:21 PM IST
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Justin Bieber reportedly changed the colour of F458 from original white to electric blue.

Not everyone can own a Ferrari. Not only does one have to have enough moolah to afford this luxury car but also follow a certain code of ethics set by the company. The code of ethics also forbids the owner of the car to repaint it and auction it which unfortunately singer Justin Bieber had no clue of. 

The singer reportedly changed the colour of F458 from original white to electric blue and changed the alloy wheels, the visible bolts and even the colour of the prancing horse emblem on the steering wheel from the usual red to electric blue. The singer eventually auctioned the car in 2017 flouting all the rules set by the Italian brand.


Now, according to reports, the singer has been blacklisted by Ferrari for life. This means Bieber will not be able to purchase a car from the brand in his life. 

An Italian publication also states that Ferrari was not happy with the way the singer treated his 2015 model.
Apparently, Bieber had lost the car for weeks after partying hard in Los Angeles and it was retrieved only by his team days later from a parking lot. 

Funnily, Bieber is not the only celebrity to have been blacklisted by Ferrari. The singer joins the list of other celebrities allegedly banned for life from buying Ferraris, which reportedly includes rapper Tyga; and automotive journalist Chris Harris.