Israel constructs sea barrier to defend against Gaza attack

WION Web Team
Israel Published: Aug 08, 2018, 12:54 PM(IST)

File photo. Photograph:( AFP )

In an attempt to defend against Sea-Borner attack emanating from the besieged Gaza strip, Israel is erecting a sea barrier along the Northern edge of the Gaza's shoreline.

The barrier that has now reached its final stage will be 200 metres long, 50 metres wide and will extend six metres above the water.

The total cost of building the sea barrier is expected to be around 833 million US dollars.

The decision to build the sea-wall came after an attack by the Hamas Naval commandos at Israel's Zikim Beach during 2014 Gaza War.

In addition to this Israel is also building an underground barrier along the Gaza border to push away attacks from Hamas Tunnels.

The barrier is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The tensions between Israel and the Gaza have escalated after following weekly protests by Palestinians along Israel Gaza border.

The protests that began on March 30 killed around 150 Palestinians in the Israel gunfire.

Israel has been beset by a new wave of flaming balloon and kite attacks from Palestinian protesters.

The Head of the Borders Administration said that the wall would be made of three levels, an underwater level, then a level of armour stone and the third layer of barbed wire.

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