Former Miss America Mallory Hagan says board members knew about emails, must resign

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Delhi, India Updated: Dec 29, 2017, 03:33 AM(IST)

Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan was slut-shamed and body-shamed on emails when she gained weight after winning the crown. Photograph:( Twitter )

Trolled and verbally abused in emails shared among board members and CEO of Miss America Organization, Sam Haskell, former crown holders of the pageant now demand resignation from all those responsible.  

Former Miss Americas Mallory Hagan (2013), Gretchen Carlson (1989) and Kate Shindle (1998) are demanding that the entire board of the Miss America Organization step down in the wake of insulting internal emails that were recently made public by a leading news website. 

The three former pageant winners, Mallory, Gretchen, and Kate, came out with this demand after three top executives including CEO Sam Haskell resigned from their posts on Saturday and the board announced December 27 to form a committee that would seek “a new leadership structure and respective names”. 


In a statement, the existing Miss America Organization board said, "The committee will include two current board members and five people chosen from nominations made by select former Miss Americas and state-level pageant executives."

Unhappy with this move, the three former pageant winners rallied publicly behind a petition calling for all current members of the board to resign as they knew about the emails being circulated and called the move "completely unacceptable" in a statement via Twitter.


In a Facebook video, Mallory, the biggest target of the emails criticised the board’s actions or lack thereof after the emails were leaked to the media. 

She could be seen saying, “They thought they could weather the storm” and added, “I am the storm. You're not weathering it.”


A popular news website published these emails in which they allegedly slut-shamed and fat-shamed winners of the pageant. On Thursday, these emails with references to contestants' weight gain and vulgar jokes on the women's sex lives were published. 

According to Mallory who went on record with the media said that the board had previously reviewed the emails and opted against taking any action.


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