Clinton vs Trump Timeline: Who will America elect as next president?

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Nov 08, 2016, 01.56 PM (IST)

People line up to vote early outside the San Diego County Elections Office in San Diego, California. Photograph: Reuters

Nov 08, 2016, 03.59 PM

Donald Trump votes in a polling station in midtown Manhattan, New York.

Nov 08, 2016, 02.08 PM

Hoping to become the first woman US President, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton casts ballot in Chappaqua, New York. "It is the most humbling feeling, so many people are counting on me," Clinton. 

Nov 08, 2016, 02.07 PM

Vice-president Joe Biden, along with his wife, voted at Delaware, New Jersey.

Nov 08, 2016, 02.07 PM

As voting gets underway, the department of justice is on standby to get voter complaints or if pollers have any issues.

Nov 08, 2016, 02.01 PM

All 50 states and Washington DC go to polls across six different time zones. 

Nov 08, 2016, 01.57 PM

The tally from Dixville Notch was announced in a matter of minutes: four votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton and two for Donald Trump. 

Nov 08, 2016, 01.56 PM

US presidential elections get underway with midnight voting in a tiny New Hampshire village.