As it happened | Hockey World Cup 2018: Spain, France battle ends in a draw

WION Web Team Dec 03, 2018, 04:56 PM (IST)

Players of France and Spain Hockey team in attendance before the game commenced. Photograph: Twitter


In a head-to-head comparison, Spain have won six of the nine matches played between the two sides, while 2 matches have ended in a draw. 

Spain vs France - Full Time

So, France and Spain played brilliant hockey but eventually have to settle with a draw.

Despite having an upper hand from the first quarter, France did not manage to break the Spain's defence. Meanwhile, Spain breached the opposition's defence to score an equaliser in the fourth quarter.  



Spain vs France

Penalty stroke for France

Hugo Genestet misses the Penalty Stroke as Quico Cortes makes a brilliant save!

Spain vs France - Q4

Goal!!!. Spain finally managed to score the equaliser after going goalless in the fist three quarters. Alvaro Iglesias scored of a deflection. 

Meanwhile, France Ricardo Sanchez received green card and the team is down to 10 men for 2 minutes

Spain vs France

And MISSED! Another brilliant run into the France's circle and cross missed by Gonzalez in front of goalpost

Spain vs France - Half time

France, the lowest ranked side in the Hockey World Cup 2018, take the lead against Spain in the 6th minute. Spain earned 4 Penalty Corners in the second quarter but still fail to score the equaliser.



Spain vs France

Quamada had the chance to score the qualiser but brilliantly deflected by Goalkeeper. Spain getting 53% circle entries from the left


Spain vs France - Q2

Quarter 2 begins and France still leads the game. A brilliant goal by Tim Clement helped France dominate Spain. 




Spain vs France

Goal!!! The game begins with a fierce performance by France. They have got an early lead over Spain and that is surely going to boost the confidence of the team. 





Spain vs France

Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of the Hockey men's world cup 2018 match between Spain and France. 

In a head-to-head comparison, Spain have won six of the nine matches played between the two sides, while 2 matches have ended in a draw. 

Spain stands 8th in world rankings which is much higher than France’s 20th, so it is going to be a tough battle for Les Blues. 

Meanwhile, both the teams have lost their opening matches in this tournament, despite giving stiff challenge to New Zealand and Argentina in their respective matches.


Head coach: Frederic Soyez

Squad: Quico Cortés, Sergi Enrique, Marc Serrahima, Ignacio Rodríguez, Miquel Delàs (C), Enrique González, Álvaro Iglesias, Marc Sallés, Ricardo Santana, Diego Arana, Xavier Lleonart, Alejandro de Frutos, Vicenç Ruiz, Albert Béltran, Josep Romeu, Mario Garín, Marc Boltó.


Head coach: Jeroen Delmee

Artur Thieffry, Pieter van Straaten, Tom Genestet, Hugo Genestet, Blaise Rogeau, Victor Lockwood, Charles Masson, Nicolas Dumont, Gaspard Baumgarten, François Goyet, Cristoforo Peters-Deutz, Jean-Bapiste Forgues, Etienne Tynevez, Victor Charlet (C), Aristide Coisne, Maximilien Branicki, Timothée Clément, Corentin Saunier.

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