As it happened | Hockey World Cup 2018: Full time! Australia beat England 3-0

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Dec 04, 2018, 03:59 PM (IST)

Country flags of England and Australia. Photograph: Twitter


Aussies defeated Ireland in their first match of the World Cup while England settled for a draw against China.

England vs Australia - Q4

It's 3-0. Australia have almost won the game as England have no chance of making a comeback. 



England vs Australia- Q4

And another brilliant goal from Australia. They have double their lead, diminishing England chances of making a comeback. 



England vs Australia - Q4

And it's a Goal. Finally, some real action. 

After remaining goalless in the three quarters, defending champions Australia struck to dominate the English side in the fourth and final quarter. 




England vs Australia - Q3

Penalty Corner for Australia and save from Geoarge Pinner.

England vs Australia - Q3

From the starting, England is maintaining the ball possession but Australia's striker pressing hard. A different game play is all that can change the scorecard.  



England vs Australia - Half time

England and Australia have been on their toes. They are fighting, saving and trying to hit shots on target. Performances of both the goalkeepers have to be applauded. 

Despite all, both the teams remain goalless. 

Will it be another draw or defending champions Australia will play a different strategy in the third quarter? Stay tuned to witness. 



England vs Australia - Q2

Michael Hoare out for 2 minutes. Advantage Australia as England down to 10 men. Gover swings and Goalkeeper came forward and ball just missed the far post. 

Pinner taking control of the circle as the goalkeeper make a desperate save

England vs Australia - Q2

Australia get its first penalty corner. A brilliant shot and an outstanding save by the England goalkeeper. 

The English side has been on attack from right side but a lot of opposition players are there in the Australia's circle. 

England vs Australia - Q1 ends

Quarter 1 ends

Both Australia and England had the chance to take a lead but brilliant save from both the goalkeepers.

England 0-0 Australia



England vs Australia

A brilliant cross in the England half hits Australia striker's stick. A real chance was created by Australia but saved. 

England vs Australia - Q1

England pressing hard in Australian circle. Australia win the ball and now maintaining a possession in England's half

England vs Australia - playing XI

So, the nail-biting encounter is all set to begin in few more minutes. 

And here are the playing XI of the two sides. 



England vs Australia

Day 7 of the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018, will see England face defending champions Australia at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. 

In the head to head camparison for previous World Cups, Australia lead by 8-2 against England.

Aussies defeated Ireland in their first match of Hockey World Cup 2018 with a scoreline of 2-1. 

England, on the other hand, settled for a 2-2 draw against China.




Head coach: Colin Batch

Squad: Tom Craig, Corey Weyer, Jake Harvie, Matthew Dawson, Eddie Ockenden (C), Jake Whetton, Blake Govers, Tim Howard, Aran Zalewski (C), Matthew Swann, Flynn Ogilvie, Daniel Beale, Tyler Lovell, Trent Mitton, Dylan Wotherspoon, Timothy Brand, Andrew Charter, Jeremy Hayward.


Head coach: Danny Kerry

Squad: George Pinner (C), Harry Gibson, Luke Taylor, David Ames, Harry Martin, Ian Sloan (C), Mikey Hoare, Sam Ward, Mark Gleghorne, Phil Roper (C), Adam Dixon, Barry Middleton, David Condon, Jack Waller, James Gall, Liam Sanford, Will Calnan, Zach Wallace


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