Give Mourinho respect, insists old foe Pep Guardiola

Manchester, UKUpdated: Sep 01, 2018, 11:54 AM IST

Jose Mourinho (L), Pep Guardiola (R). Photograph:(AFP)

Pep Guardiola said his old rival Jose Mourinho deserves respect despite Manchester United's troubled start to the Premier League season.

Mourinho is under pressure following consecutive Premier League defeats to Brighton and Tottenham, with speculation mounting about his future at the club.

The United manager demanded respect from journalists following the 3-0 loss to Tottenham, pointing to his success with Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Guardiola was involved in a series of spats with Mourinho when he was in charge of Barcelona.

But, asked about Mourinho's problems, Manchester City boss Guardiola said: "The history, the way Jose did in all the places he was - it's hat's off. There is no doubts about his quality.

"You need players, good clubs that sustain you and support you, patience.

"Our position is results. Every manager what he believes, what he likes, tries to get results in his own style and the way he trains. We are judged on the results we get.

"Only the players know exactly how you are as a manager because they know you and see you every day. They have more information than the rest of the world - the fans, the media, everybody.

"Only the players know exactly who we are and normally even then we are judged - if they play, the manager is good, if they don't play the manager is not good."