In pics: On Labour Day, workers across globe protest demanding better working conditions


 | Updated: May 01, 2018, 06:13 PM IST
The protests were held in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines.

South Korean workers on Tuesday held a rally and marched on the streets of Seoul to demand better working conditions on Labour Day.

Labour Day is celebrated as International Worker’s Day in most countries of the world. The day recognises and honours the labourers globally.

Thousands of protesters joined the protest asking for a 10 percent salary raise and reform for better workers' condition

The reason behind the Labour day goes long back to May 1, 1886. On this day the Industrial workers of the United States and Canada decided to go on a strike demanding 8 hours work per day instead of 16 hours

Philippine workers protest against short-term contracts

Thousands of Philippine workers and activists marched in a May Day rally in Manila on Tuesday in protest against what they said was President Rodrigo Duterte’s failure to keep a campaign promise to get rid of short-term employment contracts.

Thousands of Philippine workers carry placards while marching towards the Malacanang Presidential Palace.


Hong Kong workers marching through city's skyscraper on Labour Day

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday to protest against the jailing of three young democracy activists, with many questioning the independence of the Chinese-ruled city’s judiciary.

Protesters brandished a large banner saying: “It’s not a crime to fight against totalitarianism.” They shouted: “Release all political prisoners. Civil disobedience. We have no fear. We have no regrets.”