G.O.A.T: This surfer likes to go to the ocean with his pet

You can find several peculiar things at the sea, but a goat might not be a usual sight. However, this goat likes to surf

Pro surfer

As cheering children and men frantically paddle their inflatable surfboard through the frothy Pacific waves onto the beach, one passenger placidly sits in the bow taking it all in - a large, white goat


'True calling'

California surfer Dana McGregor once took his goat to surfing and realised what he calls his "true calling"


Birthday party

I got one goat to clear my poison oak in the backyard and I decided to take it surfing on my birthday and then I just ended up surfing goats," recalled McGregor of the day his goat-surfing journey began almost ten years ago.


Teaching with goats

McGregor, 42, now teaches children how to surf from Pismo Beach, north of Santa Barbara, using his pet goats Pismo and Grover to help them overcome their fear of the water.



McGregor can usually be seen hugging his goats as they stand on the boardwalk, attracting attention from children and other passers-by.


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