Mother of left-handed child complains to pencil company about sharpeners, marketing head responds with most heartwarming letter

Pencil sharpeners that are available in the market are usually for right-handed people. Photograph:( Others )

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Dec 19, 2017, 11.18 AM (IST)

A right-handed person would possibly never imagine the problems lefties face on a daily basis. Mother of a 4-year old daughter, who is left-handed, Shweta Singh wrote a letter to Hindustan Pencils recently after her daughter came back home upset one day. The little one complained that she could not sharpen her pencil like other kids in her class. 

The pencil sharpeners that are available in the market are all meant for right-handed people, with the sharp edge of the blade being typically on the left-hand side making it easy for most us to twist the pencil and sharpen it. Now Shweta tried to look for sharpeners for her daughter online but found them to be very expensive. 

She then decided to write a letter to Hindustan Pencils. "I wrote about this problem to one of the leading manufacturers of stationeries Hindustan pencils Pvt Ltd( manufacturers of Natraj and apsara pencils). They were very helpful. I got a call from a person at a respectable position from the company. He tried to understand my concern and promised to help," wrote Shweta in her Facebook post. 

Within a week's time, the Group Marketing Manager of Hindustan Pencils wrote back to Singh and sent her five sharpeners exclusively made for her daughter. "Although we do have a regular production of left-hand sharpeners, however, through our R&D, we are sending these five units of sharpeners exclusively made for children with left handwriting skills," said the letter addressed to the mother. 

Shweta shared a photo of the letter and the sharpeners that were sent to her. The letter also mentioned that the Pencil company was initiating production of more such sharpeners so that children with left-hand writing skills would find it easy to sharpen their pencils. 

A thoughtful gesture by the Manager not only brought a smile on Shweta and her daughter's face but also has restored our faith in humanity.