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Indie film 'Plus One' hopes to break new ground in romantic comedies

Cast of 'Plus One' Photograph:( Reuters )

Reuters Los Angeles Jun 14, 2019, 03.13 PM (IST)

Indie film 'Plus One' is hoping to break the rules of romantic comedies when it's released this Friday (June 14) and to date, it already has.

It won the Audience Award at the recent Tribeca film festival and has been critically acclaimed by critics, despite being one of the smallest releases this weekend.

The film follows two best friends, Alice (Maya Erskine) and Ben (Jack Quaid) who are brutally honest with one another and decide to go as plus one to each others' wedding invites.

"I think rom coms always tend to choose perfection and these two characters are not perfect, are far from it and you root for this to happen despite that," Erskine told Reuters.

Quaid, who is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, added "Also weddings are such a hotbed for your insecurities. It's this big life event where someone relatively close to you or even someone close to your own age is having that makes you reevaluate your own life and especially if you're going to one after the other after the other, you're going to be going through this high anxiety mode and to set a rom-com in that worlds mostly at weddings was really refreshing at least for me reading the script."

Erskine, in particular, has been singled out in reviews for her feisty performance as a happy-go-lucky party animal.

"It wasn't a mandate. It wasn't we have to have this person be an Asian American," said Erskine. She said "It was like 'Oh here's a fully fleshed out character' and I get to play that? Because I've never had that permission before so that was really refreshing and exciting and it didn't feel that it had to be one shade of person which is normally what it is. Here's this Asian American friend who's going to be this sassy character on the side or the deadpan bitch. Whatever it is, this was a full range of emotions for both characters."

'Plus One' is executive produced by Ben Stiller.