Solar-powered observatory monitors space debris

A unique observatory in the Australian outback is using FM radio waves to track the thousands of satellites orbiting above the country. A world-first… Read Article

Rarest of the rare: two-headed calf born in northeast India

A calf with two heads, an extremely rare condition, was recently born in India's northeastern Gomati district. Read Article

A century-old crocodile found in a classroom becomes a local celebrity

A century-old crocodile found in a classroom in Wales has gone on display. It was discovered under a school floor and its remains have been restored… Read Article

Merging virtual and physical art in new exhibition

American contemporary artist KAWS has opened a new exhibition at Serpentine in London, which features artworks in Augmented Reality. Thanks to an app… Read Article

Italy celebrates the patron saint of pizzaioli

Pizza chefs in Rome were busy making one of Italy's most famous foods, pizza, on the day Italy celebrated St Antonio Abate, the patron saint of '… Read Article

Fossil remains of ichthyosaur discovered in Britain | Sea Dragon

Discovered in a reservoir in the county of Rutland, in the English East Midlands, the specimen is the largest and most complete ichthyosaur fossil… Read Article

Platinum Jubilee: From puddings to trees, palace celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 70th anniversary

Inventing puddings and planting trees are just some of the things Britons are invited to do for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee events to mark her… Read Article

Newly elected MPs ride to parliament in tuk-tuk taxi

MPs belonging to the 'Coalition for the People' gathered alongside supporters on Baghdad's Tahrir square. Iraq's newly elected independent MPs… Read Article

Japanese shrine parishioners dip into icy bath for annual Shinto ritual

Japanese shrine parishioners stepped into an icy cold bath at a Tokyo shrine to purify their souls and wish for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Article

'The Motive of Siberia': Russia giant ice sculptures compete in festival

Sculptors from all around Russia have gathered in Novosibirsk for the Siberia Snow Sculpture festival. They'll be spending the next few days in sub… Read Article

Life on one of Australia's largest Red Angus farms

The McKay family run one of Australia's largest Red Angus herds on a station on the Northern Territory's southern border. While keeping cattle fed in… Read Article

'Ice and Snow World': Icy tribute to 2022 Winter Olympics

While waiting for sunset, tourists are playing on the ice the crystal clear ice of the ice festival of Harbin, in the north east of China. Read Article

Trio of Andean condors released back into the wild after years-long rehabilitation

A trio of Andean condors were released back into the wild after years of rehabilitation for the members of the vulnerable species at a rescue center… Read Article

California: Twins arrive in the world on a different day, month and year

The twins Aylin and Alfredo Trujillo were born just 15 minutes apart, but what makes their birth so rare is that they were born on different days,… Read Article

D.C. snowball fighters engage in 'Battle of Snomicron'

Opposing armies of snowball fighters pummeled each other on Washington D.C.'s National Mall after a storm unleashed heavy snow on the nation's… Read Article