Wild cat shocks good-deed Colombian farmer

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Quaff a glass of award-winning wine from unlikely producer Taiwan

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Hiroshima survivors worry that world will forget

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Star Wars-inspired 'smart skin' developed by Singapore scientists

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Tel Aviv residents moved by Lebanon flag display

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With schools closed due to COVID-19, children gather for lessons over loudspeaker

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Locust swarms invade southern Russia

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Church offers drive-in Mass services

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Dogs take a dip in Dubai's 'Aquapawk' to cool down during summer

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Syrian refugees grow crops in old mattresses

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Mexican TV networks to provide home learning for students as schools stay shut

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Can't stop the music: Argentine child orchestras play on amid lockdown

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Humpback whales put on spectacular show while in Brazil for mating season

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Moroccan woman breaks into male dominated rap scene 

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'I immortalize them so they stay visible'- Peruvian muralist paints COVID-19 victims 

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