Monsoon delayed, heatwave persists as temperature hover around 50°C

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Man in India becomes 'appa', father, to 45 HIV-positive children

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School in Assam demands waste plastic as 'fees'

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#KuToo no more! Japanese women take a stand against high heels

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Boy filmed studying under street light to get a home built by a businessman

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Jerusalem veil exhibition uncovers similarities between faiths

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Can a robot's work be considered art? A Hong Kong artist has the answer

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Despair over jobs as Jet Airways grounded

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Hungry Venezuelans rummage for food in Brazil landfill

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An inside look into the apartment Miss Universe and Miss USA share in New York City

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Catching cranes -- a hobby and livelihood for Afghan hunter

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Ronaldo look-alike enjoys celebrity stature in northern Iraq

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Discarded lobster shells present plastic alternative

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Riff Raff the South African elephant dodges death sentence

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