Classical music and messages to grow world's most expensive melons in tropical Malaysia

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North Koreans celebrates state founder’s birthday with fireworks and dance party

North Koreans celebrated the 109th birth anniversary of the state founder Kim Il Sung with a firework display and a dance party, the state media said. Read Article

NY's largest hospital system creates mental health center for its workers impacted by COVID-19

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Cuban "healer" performs surgeries in Havana with a machete

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Egypt fires centuries-old Ramadan Cannon

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'Made of plastic': Cleaning up Bolivia's Uru Uru lake

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Orphaned and disabled, baby alpaca walks again with her own set of wheels

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Avengers area to open at California's Disneyland in June

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Mayo to Med: Israel returns sea turtles after tar cleanup

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Mexico City home of late British artist Leonora Carrington becomes a museum

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Shrinking sea meadows store more carbon than forests. Scientists are racing to track what’s left

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Model train rings out the tunes in record-setting pandemic project

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Chablis winemakers fight frost with candles in vineyards

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First Man in Space: The story of Yuri Gagarin

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Dutch cargo ship adrift off Norway after dramatic rescue

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