Colourful explosions from Mount Etna light up night sky

An eruption from Mount Etna lit up the sky during the night on Wednesday (January 13), seen from Fornazzo, a small village under the volcano. Read Article

Dogs dash through snowy French Alps in breathtaking sled race challenge

Dozens of mushers and their teams of dogs are dashing through the snowy French Alps as part of this year's La Grande Odyssee dog sled challenge. Read Article

Small businesses cry for help, no time for government crisis

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Tunisian women mix and perform thanks to all-female DJ academy

Tunisian women who say they have long been excluded from the world of turntables and electronic music flock to a local DJ academy to help launch a… Read Article

Mealworms for dinner? EU approves first insect food

Mealworms may soon find their way into Europe's pasta bowls and dinner dishes, after becoming the first insect approved in the region as a human food. Read Article

A village doctor's struggle to keep up with rising COVID-19 cases in Ukraine

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From grief to comfort: Mexican seamstress fills in void left by COVID-19 victims

From her workshop in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, Erendira Guerrero makes teddy bears for the family and friends of COVID-19… Read Article

One man determined to keep Rio Carnival spirit alive

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Pilgrims in Tokyo plunge into icy bath for Shinto ritual, pray for end of the pandemic

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Snowed under! Madrid residents enjoy biggest snowfall in decades

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Mine-free River Jordan shrine ends 50 year wait for Epiphany

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Rexy the 'dinosaur' makes snow angels in Madrid

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Watch how this Jordanian artist uses makeup to transform into celebrities

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Female bodybuilder with one leg captures hearts in China | Inspirational story gone viral

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Animals at Berlin Zoo enjoy Christmas leftovers

Animals at Berlin Zoo enjoyed a belated Christmas feast on Thursday (7 JANUARY 2021). Elephants and bison at the German capital's famous zoo chomped… Read Article