Professions to watch out for in 2017

WION Delhi, India Jan 11, 2017, 07:21 AM (IST) Written By: WION Edge

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From full-time relationship therapists to environmental engineering technicians, 2017 promises to open up with non-cliche career options


Self-enrichment education teachers

More and more people are looking beyond what is being taught in schools and colleges. This has led to a growing demand for self-enrichment teachers, who are more than just an expert in a particular subject. The need for these teachers is expected to grow as more want to now embrace lifelong learning. 

(Contributed by: Zeba Khan)


Environmental engineering technicians

Environmental engineering technicians carry out the plans that environmental engineers develop. The engineers focus on preventing problems rather than controlling those that exist. The technicians are those that test, operate, and if required, modify equipment used to prevent or clean up environmental pollution. They collect samples for testing and work to mitigate sources of environmental pollution. 


UX designing and Quality Testing in technology

User experience designers of the future will have to move beyond visual design skills to those that solves technology and social problems. The new lot will have to use their skills in fields of affective science, machine learning, contextual intelligence, environmental and material design. Quality testers will also use the space of automation to reinvent technology. Automated testing is already a thing, and is expected to grow. 


Relationship Therapists

A regular profession in the West, relationship therapy will be the new age job role in developing countries. Therapist's main role will be an extension of a psychologist, who sits with the troubled couple and help them deal with their bitter relationship. 


Growth hacker

Growth hacking stems from a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective and efficient way to grow a business. The specialists use both conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to the growth of any business. 


Personal and Homecare aides

At some places, you can start afresh without any on-the-job training while some countries look for formal training in vocational schools, home health care agencies, elder care programs, community colleges etc. Rapid growth expected because of the projected rise in the number of elderly people, who are increasingly relying on home care.


Market research analysts and Marketing specialists 

The decade has seen it all, from change in eating habits to what we consume digitally on a daily basis. To understand the mindset of people and what they want, brands must continuously evolve. For this, more and more companies are today emphasizing on the need for market researchers and campaign creators.



If you like to analyse things then you can do it for a living and earn good money. 2017 promises to offer better salaries to statisticians, owing to a higher demand over last year. All you have to do is use statistical analysis methods to look over data and help fix problems. Employment opportunities are expected to rise in government, scientific research, development services, finance and insurance; to name a few. 


Past year saw many developments in terms of job growth and new career opportunities. USP of 2016 lies in advancements in technology, with companies utilising and incorporating tech within different industries for optimum growth and ease of work. 

Due to high demand in data needs in health care and academics, data scientists enjoyed a positive growth outlook. Statisticians also enjoyed a much higher growth due to their importance in a number of different fields. The third most lucrative job was that of an information security analyst with organizations continuing to upgrade and expand their networks. A career in information security employed many with more work done on cloud systems and increasing need for security. 

Some of the most noted career opportunities, expected to grow in 2017 are: 

Genetic Counsellor

A genetic counselor can be an extremely interesting career which allows you to study DNA. Counsellors have to meet with individuals or families, and help determine the risk of inherited conditions. They also provide information to health care providers. 


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