Know your diet- because we are what we eat

WION New Delhi, India Dec 27, 2016, 09:32 AM (IST) Written By: WION Edge

Cutting down on salt reduces blood pressure, which means that your risk of developing stroke or heart disease is reduced. Photograph: Getty


A new year resolution for your health


Eating breakfast has long-term health benefits. It helps reduce obesity, blood pressure and diabetes. How many meals should you be eating a day?

Main Survey


What quantities of salt, sugar and oil are consumed in your household per month and what does that say about your overall health?

Household Consumption Survey


Soft drinks cause an increase in bacterial growth in the mouth and are one of the major reasons for tooth decay. Do you know the approximate sugar content in a packaged drink? 

Beverages You Drink Survey


Did you know that broccoli contains more proteins than steak? Do you prefer cooked vegetables over raw salad?

Vegetables You Eat Survey


A good proportion of fruit intake in your diet may protect against certain cancers. Are packaged fruits a reasonable substitute for whole fruits?

Fruits You Eat Survey


Labels are placed on packaged food to track how much nutrients are consumed. How well do you understand food labels?

Food Labels and You Survey


Cutting down on salt reduces blood pressure, which implies that the risk of developing heart disease is reduced. What is the most common source of salt in your diet? How much salt consumption is considered to be healthy?

Food And Health Survey




A new year calls for a new beginning, a fresh state of mind, determination to devote more time to oneself- especially one’s health and lifestyle. In order to follow your new years' resolution, one has to have a plan of action - set a realistic target, break it down into doable steps and track the progress. In the whole process, we usually miss out on the essential step of researching the basics and analysing one's diet and health to envision the target.

Do you know your food well? Is it balanced? What influences your choices?

We have compiled a set of surveys that will help you interpret your eating choices and answers the frequently asked questions about your daily foods. 

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