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Ever wondered how things in the world work Photograph: Others


Top 15 Gifs that explain how things in the world work


Tattoo art can be so intriguing  

How does a tattoo get made (WION)


Source - YouTube

Curated By - Karanveer Singh Arora


Secret of Michael Jackson's 45 degree angle lean exposed

How did Michael Jackson always manage to be a smooth criminal (WION)


Source - Educational gifs


A single metal wire turning into a coat hanger

How your hangers are made (WION)


Source - Giphy


Shifting a gear in the car seems easy but it isn't

This is how a gearshift works on a car (WION)


Source - Reddit

Paper Clip

Check out the clip of the clip

Here’s how paper clips are produced (WION)


Source - Diply


How much work does it take for a ship to pass the Panama Canal

This is how ships get through the Panama Canal (WION)


Source - Reddit


Waffle cones being rolled in thousands

Here are waffle cones made (WION)


Source - Giphy


A popping popcorn is so satisfying

How popcorn pops (WION)


Source - Giphy


This is how the trumpeters create some amazing jazz

How music is produced in a trumpet (WION)


Source - Reddit


A Ladybug spreading its wings and starting to fly

How a ladybug flies (WION)


Source - Imgur


This is how they walk up to you to suck your blood

How ants walk (WION)


Source - Imgur


What all does the gun go through before firing a bullet 

How guns work (WION)


Source - Beetel Bite


They keep you all zipped up with this simple hidden technique

How zippers work (WION)


Source - Wikipedia


Oscilating fans and their machanism

How oscillating fans work (WION)


Source - Reddit


We sometimes wonder how things in the world work, as most mechanical work is hidden from us. Here we have compiled 15 Gifs that explain how all of these things work.

Locks are trusted blindly, but do you know how they work?

How locks work (WION)


Source - Giphy

How locks work



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