Badass women who owned 2016 with their passion

WION Delhi, India Dec 14, 2016, 07:22 AM (IST) Written By: WION Edge

Badass women of 2016 (Creative by: Ishu Vaid) Photograph: WION


Out on the road to break every form of stereotype, these women have stories that must be told


Indigenous women in America

Indigenous women and girls protested against the Dakota Access Pipeline in America. In a fight to protect their native land, these women started with raising awareness about what’s been happening at the Standing Rock protest site and its future impact on people.


(Contributed by: Zeba Khan)



Working women of Iceland

Women in Iceland left their jobs on a fine working day at 2:38 pm over the gender pay gap. According to estimates, the disparity in pay is around 14–18%, translating to the fact that women are essentially being paid only till the time of 2:38 pm on a normal working day.




Las Hijas de Violencia

A group of women based in Mexico called Las Hijas de Violencia took to the streets to fight against harassment. A performance arts group, they started firing confetti guns at the harassers and sang their theme song ‘Sexista Punk’.




Yusra Mardini

With people in Syria torn between civil wars, militia groups and extremists, Yusra Mardini owned this year. A Syrian refugee, Yusra represented the 20-member refugee team at the Rio Olympics. She once also risked her life by swimming for three hours to save 20 refugees, as they made their journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

Yusra Mardini (WION)




Reshma Qureshi

An acid attack survivor, Reshma Qureshi from India walked the ramp at New York Fashion Week becoming a first of a kind to do so. Calling out to women who have met a similar fate to not lose hope and to do something constructive in life, the 19-year-old wants a world where no one ever goes through the ordeal she suffered. Our gallery on her look from the NYFW.  



Negin Khpalwak

Negin Khpalwak from Afghanistan leads an all-female orchestra who risk their lives everyday by playing music. Called Zohra orchestra, it is the first time that an all-girls team has come together for such a venture in what is a conservative society. Speaking to Reuters, the group said that they aim to raise awareness regarding women’s rights and transform the perception of their country globally.



Marley Dias

Marley Dias is not your average 11-year-old girl. She has been collecting books about black girls and campaigns to promote diversity in children’s literature. She has collected more than 7,000 books now, which are further distributed to libraries. Her campaign is called #1000BlackGirlBooks. 



Anniesa Hasibuan

Furthering a modest fashion movement, Anniesa Hasibuan from Indonesia is the first designer to launch hijab on the ramp. Her entire collection features different styles of headscarves, highlighting her native country’s culture. Hasibuan is also the first woman from Indonesia to debut at New York Fashion Week. In an interview with Jakarta Post, she said that her aim was to put Indonesia on the fashion map and to introduce the hijab as a fashion accessory.





Amna Suleiman

Amna Suleiman broke stereotypes when she started leading a group of women who cycle in public in Gaza. There is currently an unwritten ban on women who’ve hit puberty to cycle in public. While wearing a headscarf, she cycles on the streets to help local women defy regressive cultural norms and feel free in public. 





Megan Hine

Bear Grylls, an adventure seeker famous for his television show Man vs. Wild, is a well-known personality. But did you know who keeps people like him safe in the wild? Megan Hine, a survival expert and celebrity expedition leader who ventures in dangerous and remote locations. She guides people to world's most inhospitable places and ensures their wellbeing. She is behind many adventure-seekers having conquered their dream adventure. 

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