NASA lab aims to put robots on moon before humans go

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Giant leap for India: Chandrayaan-2 to explore moon's south pole

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Library bus brings books and dreams to Afghan children

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Pakistani elite’s love for big cats makes animal trade a roaring business

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Heavy rain paralyses Mumbai, more predicted in next 24 hours

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‘Wonder of nature’: Why Serbia’s donkey cheese is expensive

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'Yoghurt lady' delivers treats and companionship to South Korea's elderly

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Living with the dead: Urban poor take over Cambodian cemetery

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In Kinshasa? Check out the Fulu Muziki band's 'garbage' music

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Families in Bihar flee villages as brain fever unleashes mayhem

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Developing countries host majority of refugees: UN report

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Gender fluid 9-year-old helps teach educators about queer youth

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Messi unseats Mayweather as highest-paid athlete: Forbes

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Monsoon delayed, heatwave persists as temperature hover around 50°C

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Man in India becomes 'appa', father, to 45 HIV-positive children

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