Australian scientist claims lab version of virus

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Brazilian student invents way to make electricity from paper, graphite and steam

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McDonald's heats up breakfast war with new chicken sandwiches

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Over 2,100 Indians wield swords in dance of valour to set Guinness World Record

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5000 fans watch dogs wearing socks compete in World Series sled marathon

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Sunflower sanctuary, hope for bees in southern Mexico

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Swimmer raises awareness on climate change in freezing Antarctic waters

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Four Paws team arrives to assess Khartoum lions

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Berlin's panda-cubs ready to meet the public

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China extends Spring Festival holiday to contain coronavirus outbreak

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Collective quilt art seeks to combat violence and misogyny in Mexico

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Baby born as earthquake rocks Turkey

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Saudi family shares home with wolves

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Spring Festival light show shines at Shanghai West Bund Media Port

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China's 'mermaid descendant' weaves final garments from skin of fish

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