Hundreds rally in Taiwan, call for release of 12 HK people arrested by China

Hundreds of people rallied in Taiwan's capital on Sunday (October 25) to call for China to release 12 Hongkongers arrested at sea by mainland… Read Article

Iraq prepares to exhume bodies of Yazidi victims of Islamic State in Sinjar

Mourning women beat their chest and wept at a Yazidi mass-grave site on Saturday (October 24), as Iraqi officials began the exhumation process of… Read Article

Malaysian doctors test patients for Covid-19 in 'phone booth' chamber

Doctors at a Malaysian hospital are using a special chamber to do virus tests, allowing staff to get safely collect COVID-19 swabs without being in… Read Article

Drag queens join protest demanding resignation of Thai PM

Thousands of people protested in the centre of Thailand's capital Bangkok on Sunday (October 25) in the first demonstration since Prime Minister… Read Article

Barcelona police patrol streets to enforce nighttime curfew

Barcelona police deployed 160 officers overnight as a new curfew came into effect on Sunday (October 25) evening from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.. Public… Read Article

Iraqis take to the streets on protest anniversary

Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad and Basra on Sunday (October 25) marking a year since anti-government unrest erupted across the country, and to… Read Article

'The Great Gatsby' back on stage in London

The accessory of 2020 - the face mask - was combined with 1920s themed fineries by guests forming a socially distanced queue for the relaunch of the… Read Article

Spanish grandma, 99, gets back to computer games after beating COVID-19

When 99-year old Florentina Martin caught the coronavirus in September, her grand-daughter's greatest fear was not that the disease would kill her,… Read Article

Armless Pakistani snooker player masters game with only his mouth

Muhammad Ikram, flexes the muscles around his mouth and quickly pushes the cue ball with his lower lip across the table, making a straight shot… Read Article

Bodycam video shows boat rescue in Florida

Four adults and three children were rescued after their boat capsized due to strong winds near Davis Islands in Tampa, Florida on Monday (October 19). Read Article

World's largest fountain unveiled in Dubai

With multicoloured lights and jets of water blasting into the night sky, the UAE's newest attraction on Thursday (October 22) secured the Guinness… Read Article

Royal Opera House sells Hockney for £12.8 million amid crisis

The Royal Opera House sold a painting by British artist David Hockney for 12.8 million pounds at an auction in London on Thursday (October 22) amid… Read Article

Chile celebrates breeding of endangered Loa water frogs

A clutch of critically-endangered water frogs rescued from a muddy puddle in Chile's driest desert has birthed 200 offspring at the country's… Read Article

Naples teachers bring socially distanced school to streets and balconies

In the poor Spanish quarter, teachers have taken to the narrow, windy streets to hold their lessons with pupils socially distancing outdoors. Read Article

Hungarian restaurant reinvents the wheel for social distancing

Hit by a plunge in turnover after foreign tourists vanished, Michelin-starred Hungarian restaurant Costes has staged a skyline dining event on the… Read Article