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Living with the dead: Urban poor take over Cambodian cemetery

Make-shift stilt houses and corrugated metal huts sprout in between colourful tombs of Smor San cemetery in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh. This… Read Article

In Kinshasa? Check out the Fulu Muziki band's 'garbage' music

A garbage dump in the Democratic Republic of Congo's bustling capital Kinshasa may be an odd place for most people to seek inspiration. But for… Read Article

Families in Bihar flee villages as brain fever unleashes mayhem

Families in villages of India's eastern Bihar state flee to safer places as a wave of death swept, claiming more than a hundred lives. Read Article

Developing countries host majority of refugees: UN report

Developing countries, not rich Western nations, are bearing the brunt of the world's refugee crisis and are hosting most of the record 70.8 million… Read Article

Gender fluid 9-year-old helps teach educators about queer youth

Keegan, a third-grader, has performed in drag as Kween-Kee-Kee twice and says he "can be himself" when he is wearing a dress. Read Article

Messi unseats Mayweather as highest-paid athlete: Forbes

Barcelona and Argentina striker Lionel Messi dethroned five-division boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather as the highest paid athlete over the past… Read Article

Monsoon delayed, heatwave persists as temperature hover around 50°C

India continues to reel under extreme heat conditions and with a temperature of 48°C, capital Delhi set a new record on Monday. Read Article

Man in India becomes 'appa', father, to 45 HIV-positive children

A man in India's southern Chennai city has adopted more than 45 HIV- positive children, who were abandoned by their families. Solomon Raj juggles… Read Article

School in Assam demands waste plastic as 'fees'

One school in northeast India has taken a novel approach to address the scourge of plastic waste by making its collection a condition of free… Read Article

#KuToo no more! Japanese women take a stand against high heels

For 26-year-old Yui Mori, who works as a manufacturing employee, wearing high heels is too painful for her feet and would rather wear comfortable… Read Article

Boy filmed studying under street light to get a home built by a businessman

A Peruvian boy's determination to study despite all odds has captured the attention of a Bahrain businessman who has become a philanthropist for… Read Article

Pakistan province struggles with hundreds of cases of children infected with HIV

In the dusty town of Ratodero in southern Pakistan, doctors are struggling to cope with an alarming outbreak of young patients infected with HIV, the… Read Article

Sailor who crossed Atlantic ocean in a barrel recounts adventure

At the age of 72, adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin has succeeded in crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel, using just the tides, winds and ocean… Read Article

The 3D-printed customisable food supplements

People can now create their own 3D-printed dietary supplements which are customised to them, a Britain-based company showcased on Tuesday. Read Article

Japan's sumo fans welcome Trump Trophy but wish he'd sit cross-legged

US President Donald Trump can expect a warm welcome from the sumo wrestling community when he presents a custom-made "Trump Award" to the winner of… Read Article