Staying at Amazon seemed a lot riskier than starting something of my own: Binny Bansal

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Aug 10, 2018, 02:43 PM(IST)

Binny Bansal. Photograph:( Zee News Network )

Binny Bansal said Thursday that staying at Amazon seemed a lot riskier than starting something of his own "because you were not learning anything". 

Bansal had been speaking at a SAP Startup Studio (they help startups get off the ground) event. The questioner had asked Binny what he had thought, when he was starting out, would have been a great career. 

"The strong feeling I had was to do something meaningful," said Binny, before adding quickly, "and to learn." 

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And because he was not learning anything at Amazon, says Binny, he thought it was a lot safer to to start something of his own. 

That something of his own of course was Flipkart, which he started with Sachin Bansal (the two are not related) in 2007. 

Flipkart was recently bought out by Walmart for $16 billion

Sachin and Binny had met at Amazon, which of course explains why they started Flipkart. 

Flipkart was an Indian copy of the American Amazon. And Like Amazon, Flipkart had started out as an online book seller.  

Binny's SAP Startup Studio chat had been informal. 

Binny talked about coming from a "typical middle class family". His parents were government employees, he was fairly passionate about sports... "but he made it to IIT" (Delhi). 

But watch the video of the chat and the entrepreneur's innate drive comes through. 
Binny talks often about getting bored. 

He talks about working with a company in India but quickly getting bored. 

He talks about working with Amazon, and how the only better job was Google. 

But they were not hiring him. "So what to do?" Binny asks.   

"Okay let's start something," he replies. 

Watch video below:


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