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Writer, dreamer and travel enthusiast from New Delhi. When not writing I love to dance, read history books, study cultures and shop.


A male Belly Dancer's passionate struggle against all odds

Belly Dancing in India is still not considered a proper art form. Many call it vulgar. And it is mostly associated only with women.

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Indian doctors give hope to parents of Iraqi baby with 8 limbs

'I tried many countries but the cost was high. India was cheaper. There were multiple surgeries...and India had good medical facilities too' Read Article

India: St Stephen's students protest college's decision to go ahead with autonomous status

They denounced the decision, saying it was made without consulting them, teachers and non-teaching staff Read Article

Trump's decision to deny US funding to foreign NGOs will affect women in India

US President Donald Trump's Global Gag rule will disallow funding to foreign NGOs for abortions Read Article

How the defence budget impacts the Indian soldier?

When taken with pensions the budget did increase, but a 2015 report says India only has enough ammunition to last 20 days of full-scale war Read Article

India: Irom Sharmila's PRJA party takes crowdfunding route to raise funds for Manipur elections

Irom Sharmila, a civil rights activist, was on a 16-year-long hunger strike demanding the roll-back of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act Read Article

India: A look at Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa's political career so far

Jayalalithaa is one of the most prominent political figures in India's regional politics Read Article

World AIDS Day: In quest for 'positive' life partners

In India, where arranged marriages are a tradition and HIV a social stigma, finding a match is a big problem Read Article

Pension for Indian armed forces: The politics and bureaucracy

The government recently announced what ex-servicemen call a 'diluted version' of the One Rank One Pension scheme, WION's Dharvi Vaid… Read Article

Indian bride-to-be posts viral Facebook status after Pakistani bridesmaid's visa gets rejected

Purvi Thacker wanted her Pakistani friend Sarah to attend her wedding, but her visa was denied because of cross-border tensions Read Article

My husband, my pimp

Perna women have been sex workers for generations. They have a first child and are then pushed into prostitution by their husbands Read Article

Free School Under the Metro Bridge: A modest attempt to bridge India's education gap

A high school graduate runs a school under a metro bridge in Delhi to give children of the have-nots a sliver of hope in life Read Article

Broth of hope: Afghan refugee women turn entrepreneurs

Breaking away from the stereotype of disempowered refugees, six women from war-torn Afghanistan are seeking to turn their fortunes around Read Article

Somali refugees in India: The worst of the worst off

Because of the protracted conflict back home, the resultant malnutrition, and the near complete absence of medical care, displaced people from the… Read Article

Microsoft sells 1500 patents to Xiaomi, builds partnership

Software maker Microsoft Corp <MSFT.O> is selling about 1,500 of its patents to Chinese device maker Xiaomi [XTC.UL] Read Article