Major General S B Asthana

Major General S B Asthana

Defense expert

Major General S B Asthana had been an Infantry General with 40 years of defence experience at national and international level.


Coronavirus outbreak has added a new dimension to 'undeclared World War III'

The COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated the potential of a virus as a weapon of mass destruction

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Equal roles for women in Indian Armed Forces: The road ahead

The selection for command assignments has to merit-based irrespective of gender,

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China's cover-up: Will coronavirus pandemic lead to changed world order?

China’s authoritarian model cannot work for eternity. The idea of putting national interest over the survival of humanity will reduce confidence of the world in the US and China.

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Coronavirus outbreak: Lockdown and beyond - a looming crisis

India needs to take the spirit of ‘Janata Curfew’ forward with much more enthusiasm and discipline.

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US-Taliban peace deal: What does it mean for Afghanistan and other stakeholders

The prospects of peace in Afghanistan is good for all regional players, including Russia, China and India, provided it becomes a reality.

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Opinion: Donald Trump continues to flip-flop on key issues

The US and other aspiring global powers need to realise that an era of multilateral relations is a reality, and dictating strategic choices to any country is unlikely to work.

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Opinion: UNHRC report on Kashmir - wrong diagnosis, unwanted prescription

The report on Kashmir exhibits an irresponsible act of presenting a sensational document, displaying basic lack of understanding of the situation on ground.

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Opinion: Chabahar faces side effects of US withdrawal from JCPoA

The reality is that US is fully aware that the historic, civilisation and oil centric umbilical cord between Iran and India can never be cut.

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Opinion: China’s ‘debt trap’ dilutes FATF decision to put Pakistan on grey list

If China continues to be determined to bail it out every time, Pakistan’s status will be reduced to a colony of China, with considerable PLA’s presence in context of protecting CPEC and other…

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Opinion: Surgical strikes were conducted in the interest of national security, not for political mileage

 It’s time that all political parties put national interest above their political interest, and leave out security forces, surgical strikes and issues related to national security from their…

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Opinion: Islamic State footprints in Kashmir and the challenges ahead

The IS started showing signs of presence in India initially in the form of some sleeper cells caught in India, who are under investigation. Read Article

Opinion: Trump-Kim Summit was a gamble beyond optics

It remains to be seen as to what the future has for Korean Peninsula, but it was interesting to see the diplomatic negotiations at its best in the… Read Article

Opinion: Pakistan agreeing to ceasefire is a ploy to release international pressure

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Opinion: With Kashmir ceasefire, India walks a fine line

The recent initiatives aimed to embrace people of Kashmir are noble, but high-risk ideas with rare chance of success. Read Article

Opinion: Decoding the Kim and Moon summit for a nuclear free Korea

In a scripted ceremony, Kim Jong-un did become the first North Korean leader to walk across the DMZ to South Korea. Read Article