Major Amit Bansal

Major Amit Bansal


Major Amit Bansal is is a Defence Strategist with keen interests in International Relations and Internal Security. He is also an author, blogger and poet.


Opinion: Pakistan will face major economic loss after FATF puts it on grey list of terror financing

After Pakistan has been dragged back to FATF grey list of terror financing, International rating agencies are going to downgrade Pakistan which will affect international transactions, foreign-… Read Article

Opinion: Chinese Petro-Yuan is the answer to Petro- Dollar but will it succeed?

Analysts say unanimously that it is an ambitious start for China but it is a highly risky option, keeping in view of the volatility in the global oil trade. Read Article

Opinion: Why India and Canada need to look beyond Khalistan

While Trudeau needs to curb the anti-India and pro-Khalistan activities in his regime, Modi also must understand the might of Punjabi community settled in Canada. Read Article

Opinion: This is why Pakistan needs to be put on global terrorist financing watchlist

There are various terror financing channels operating between Pakistan and Afghanistan. These work openly in the disguise of charitable organisations and are protected by tribal laws. Read Article

Opinion: Not religion, nationalism is sole inspiration of Indian Army

Having served in the Indian Army for more than a decade, I know for sure how the secular nationalist spirit of the forces binds our soldiers together. Read Article

Opinion: Why terrorists specifically attack Indian army camps

The suicide attacks on the camps were majorly targeted to lower the morale and cause a panic in the families of the soldiers. Read Article

Opinion: Terrorist attacks continue, what will India's leaders do?

Question is not the capability of the armed forces. The question is of a strong political will. Read Article

Opinion: Pakistan's nuclear black market endangers the world

Pakistan's nuclear black market extended through N.Korea, Libya, Iran Read Article

Opinion: China's growing influence in Maldives, India has to intervene

Maldives have handed over an important Island called Marao to China towards establishing a submarine base. The base is now fully functional and is a… Read Article

Opinion: Why India needs to help Maldives to counter threats to democracy

India’s timely and strong actions can reduce Chinese from establishing further footprints in the Indian Ocean and will be helpful in the future. Read Article

Opinion: Jaitley places Union Budget with an eye on 2019 general election

In all aspects, the budget is a populistic one and the projects indicate the seriousness with which the government is approaching Mission 2019. Read Article

Opinion: Submarine INS Karanj is a testimony to India's political will

It is high time now that we speed up our defence production to cover up the mistakes, lethargy and delays caused by the previous governments. Read Article

Opinion: Madrasas in Pakistan are serving as terror factories of Afghanistan

Today, there are over 15000 madrasas on Pak- Afghan border out of which more than 60% are in Baluchistan as the ideological hub of Taliban is in the… Read Article

Opinion: India should consider ISIS to be more deadly than Taliban

ISIS is more organised, brutal and fearless than Taliban Read Article

Opinion: Is Republic Day really about India's military might?

India celebrates its Republic Day with a display of its military might but the country's political establishment have not taken due care of its… Read Article